OUT AND PROUD UGANDA Orients Board of Directors

OrientOut and Proud Uganda, an organisation that  fights for health/  human rights of  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI)  persons  and bases its operations in Entebbe on 15th June commenced its two day  orientation process for  its new Board of Directors .

Like any other developing towns neighboring Kampala, Entebbe municipality has seen an increase in the number of migrants. Being the hub of many recreation centres especially the beaches that sit on the shores of Lake Victoria, high class hotels and most importantly the international airport, the area has attracted many. In line with this development, the number of LGBTI people in the area has also risen.

After realizing this influx as well as the gap to sensitize the general population of Entebbe about marginalized populations, , a group of dedicated youth from the sexual and gender minority movement living in the area decided to organize themselves into a support group. They put to use social media like face book to address the rising concerns of homophobia and transphobia in Entebbe, a move that led to the birth of Out and proud Uganda.

They have now embarked on a campaign to make sure that all LGBTI in Entebbe and the surrounding areas access health services from the health facilities that are free of prejudice and discrimination. To further their cause, Out and Proud is now empowering their fellow youth through initiation of small scale income generating activities.

They have been able to reach close to one hundred members in their area since inception; they have also been able to engage the police about LGBTI issues, trained members in vocational skills, trained health workers in Entebbe about the unique health needs of sexual minorities and talked to Wakiso district health committee for inclusion of most at risk populations in the budget.

Out and Proud Uganda's orientation workshop
Out and Proud Uganda’s orientation workshop

Out and proud Uganda which is now legally incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, has now taken a very brave step  to strengthen their operations ; they  resolved to put in place a Board of Directors for supervisory and guidance purposes.

This came about as a result of engaging and bringing more partners on board both from the mainstream civil society and other health focused organisations. During the two day orientation exercise, they adopted the guiding instruments such as the Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Association as well as took vows to affirm their commitment in helping Out and Proud Uganda enhance their operations.

The exercise was facilitated by officers from Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF).  Having a Board of Directors in any institution is very instrumental in pushing for accountability and advisory roles. Out and Proud Uganda is among the few LGBTI organizations in Uganda that have been able to register as companies limited by guarantee because the Registration Bureau fixed conditions that hinder NGOs advocating for the rights of sexual minorities to register openly as non-profit organizations.