girlI don’t want a ‘pure’ girl

I don’t want a girl that the world wants

I don’t want a girl that’s fake

I don’t want a girl who’s anything but herself


I want a girl who is careless, gypsy, crazy, adventurous or rebellious

I want to love her, trust her, set her free, fuck her, look into her eyes

cuddle her, caress her body and love her

I want to get drunk, travel the world, do crazy things and share my

pain with her

That’s the kind of girl I am after


My girl is someone who is not afraid to tell the truth

She is a fighter

She is always ready to take on the world

She dreams big dreams

She believes in herself

She laughs out loud

She would wear denim jeans for a wedding

She will have her mood swings

She is cute but not stupid

She feels but she is not an emotional fool

She is an inspiration

And that’s my kind of girl.