On Thursday 25th May 2017, the Executive Director of Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) Adrian Jjuuko, was one of five finalists shortlisted for the European Union Human Rights Defenders Award 2017.

The award which was eventually won by Dianah Pamela Angwech for her work with persons affected by war in Northern Uganda was a moment of pride for not only Mr Jjuko but the entire LGBTI community in Uganda as he (Mr Jjuko) was being recognized for the victory in the Equal Opportunities Commission case, which instituted in his name, as well as his work as the coordinator of the legal challenge to the Anti-Homosexuality Act were cited among the grounds for his nomination.

On his Facebook timeline, Mr Jjuko expressed his gratitude to several persons that have been instrumental both in his career and the human rights struggle as well as the EU Human Rights Award panel for accepting his nomination and thinking him worthy to be among the five finalists.

“Yesterday, I was among the finalists for the EU Human Rights Defenders Award 2017, which was deservedly won by Pamela Angwech who works with war affected women in Northern Uganda. The recognition came largely because of my work on the Anti-Homosexuality Act and section 15(6)(d) of the Equal Opportunities Act, which of course was a joint effort, and so it was a proud moment as my colleagues in the struggle Frank Mugisha, Dr. Chris Dolan,Hassan Shire, Nicholas Opiyo and Sheila Muwanga were also present and we could all share in the recognition of that long and arduous struggle. I could never achieve all we did on my own and so to all my colleagues at HRAPF Uganda, and all the members of the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law, as well as the lawyers who worked on the cases- especially Counsel Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi who worked on all the cases, and our donors and partners who supported us through the struggle, thank you for believing in us,” he wrote.


For a few years now, there has been an annual EU HRD Award to recognise and honour the achievements of one individual Human Rights Defender whose work is solely based in Uganda. The British High Commission in Kampala, together with other European Union member states represented in Uganda, pass on this award based on a broad range of activities carried out by HRDs. These may include

  1. Documenting human rights violations;
  2. Seeking remedies for victims of human rights violations through the provision of legal, psychological, medical or other support;
  3. Combating the culture of impunity which can hide systematic and repeated breaches of human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  4. Mainstreaming a human rights culture, and transmitting information about HRDs at the national, regional and international levels;
  5. Advocacy for the respect of human rights.

Kuchu Times thanks you for your undivided dedication towards making both Uganda and the world at large better places for all gender sexual minorities.