The age of referring to homosexuality as an abomination is getting to being eroded; there is a growing trend of acceptance and tolerance of LGBTI persons into Ugandan communities; fair attempts of inclusion of gay people into the mainstream systems of governance and healthcare are being made and overall, the adoption of universal human rights agenda is getting understood. As a nation, Ugandans are tending to paying more attention to more reasonable and vital issues than worrying about consensual same-sex love. However, this is not an underscore to the need for more activism, education and information to the conservative homophobic individuals.

On the other hand, as the LGBTI community, there is great need to draw our amours to wearing our sexuality as strength than vulnerability. We need to define ourselves as individuals whose faces wear ability, strength and productive visions; our sexuality should just be our make-up but not our core skin. Our diversity should be jewellery added to already existing beautiful minds and hearts. Who are the LGBTI persons? We need to be identified by our unique roles, our careers, our talents and gem; it is then that the rest of our communities will identify us as persons of great importance.

We ought to learn from the targets of our enemies, so as to camouflage better and thrive from the hate-environment. To the young people, education is key! Whether gay or straight, as a growing person, education is paramount to opening doors to a sustainable life, so focus and acquire that tool. Coming out is a “sacrifice”, so young people ought to weigh options; what is the cost of being myself and loosing education yet camouflage and attain education? We ought to live as martyrs of tomorrow, the sacrifices of our comfort will be the pleasures of our next generation.

Let’s have an increased community of gay doctors in the health sector, lesbian CEOs, transgender persons in business and queer persons in politics. It is then that our voices will speak greater volumes towards acceptance and tolerance, consequently our generations will not suffer the “closet” life like we have. Let our foundations be of martyrdom for the future. It is worth noting that a number of young are expelled from learning institutions because of involvement in same-sex relationships. Whereas, different-sex relationships in schools are tolerable with warnings, suspensions and counseling, same-sex relationships are null and void. Expulsion of young gay people from schools and consequently from homes does not only reduce the number of potentially active martyrs of change that we intend to sweep our communities with but also increases our vulnerability. For those who can access education, be the martyrs of change our community needs.  

Education may not be sufficient for all of us, but let’s also endeavor to be empowered with life skills; the skills that will enable us to compete within our environment. let’s have creative writers, innovative designers, fast thinkers within the LGBTI community, so that through seeking these skills, we are able to entangle with the homophobes. Let our interface with the homophobes be for seeking a service or a good other than interfacing them on compromising situations. We ought to be agents of the change that we need; we ought to activists even in our very own small circles. There people whose music everyone listens to, whose concerts everyone attends, despite the rumor that they are gay! Their music is their core skin and their sexuality is just the make-up. This level of tolerance is a signal that acceptance is possible, thus, we need to be nude of vulnerability and dress our strength.