On 28th October Freedom and Roam Uganda-FARUG, Uganda’s pioneer LBTI organisation held yet another annual general meeting. FARUG last had its annual general meeting on 20th December 2015 and in this AGM, there were key issues that were raised and among these were HRAPF Talking about the legal existence of FARUG, the previous board shared their report concerning their achievements plus challenges and as well gave recommendations.

It was suggested to have new three resourceful persons on board. Ssenfuka Joanita Wary the Executive Director introduced the current Board members to organisation members attending and most of these were selected based on their potentials that will help the organisation to raise resources and these too play the advisory role. FARUG Board of Directors is diverse composed of people from different professions.

On the agenda was also to elect the sixth board member as an addition to the already five in place.

In most cases, the Board of Directors plays an important role in advising the secretariat and giving a sense of direction in organizational affairs. This was also another great day as the board interfaced with the organisation members officially for the first time since these were entrusted to serve on the Board by members.

The auditor read financial reports before the organisation members and the Board of Directors showing the incomes and expenditures of the organisation. This showed funds that FARUG has received in these years after the previous AGM and how these have been spent.

Through her speech, Fridah Mutesi, encouraged members to adopt new fundraising mechanisms instead of always waiting for donors to intervene.  As a test drive, it was incredibly noted that the members present raised over ugx.100, 000. This was an interesting start and members were encouraged to take this further.

As part of the agenda, the six board member’s name was seconded and she expressed her gratitude to  serve her community and that she was happy since this was a good moment since she was coming out and ready to serve with due diligence.

Freedom and Roam Uganda continues to devote its efforts to serving LBTI in Uganda through advocacy for equal health service provision under the sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) project that aims at improving the health and wellbeing of LBTI persons across various regions of the country.

FARUG also does the advocacy intervention approach with a sole purpose of creating a safe and conducive environment that upholds and protects LBTI persons and this targets policy makers and law enforcement officers.