East African Visual Artists (EAVA) a Ugandan based organisation that uses visual arts to advance the rights of marginalized groups in Uganda especially LGBTI and sex workers communities last week launched yet another epic trans-focused documentary titled “Resilience Diaries”. The production particularly covers real life experiences of Ugandan transgender people.

 In Uganda and other parts of the world, transgender people continue to live in a hostile environment characterized by both verbal and physical attacks, rejection from families and friends, unlawful evictions by landlords, termination from work places, stigma and discrimination and many more real life challenges mainly because society perceives transgender persons as the face of homosexuality especially in the African setting.

The featured characters in this real life documentary openly share their daily challenges. Despite the persecution and continued witch hunt of transgender persons, this movie exhibits brave and courageous people who are determined to turn the world into a better place even though society defiantly refuses to give them a chance.

One of the main characters in this movie is Keem Love Black a celebrated Ugandan transgender woman who has boldly used her social media platforms to change people’s perceptions towards transgender people. Keem Love said that she was so happy about taking part in this production and hopes that it will help change more attitudes of Ugandans towards transgender people and as well the entire LGBTI community.

This movie also covers voices of allies such as legal minds, HRAPF and Chapter Four Uganda who elaborated more about the law in relation to transgender issues. It also looked at various religious leaders conceptualizing the scriptures in relation to trans issues as well as health workers who offer free and friendly health services to these marginalized groups in Uganda.

East African Visual Artist Executive Director Vincent Kyabayinze specially thanked the people that featured in film for their bravery and recognition of the need and power in speaking out as well as challenging the myths that are believed by many.