57 men were recently arrested by the Lagos State Police on suspicions of engaging in homosexuality. According to TV, the suspects were arrested at a party in a Lagos night club at around 02:00hrs on grounds that the party in which they were in attendance was a gay/ homosexual initiation party.

Many of the arrested were youths who claimed to have gone to the club to have fun with their peers. Also among the arrested was a cab driver who was dropping off clients that required transportation to and from the club. Some of them denied the homosexual allegations, accusing the police officers for being dishonest with their arrests. Bisi Alimi, a Nigerian gay activist expressed in his Facebook post that, "The idea that there is a 'gay party' or a 'gay initiation party' is nothing but lack of responsibilities from the part of our police and the government." He further added that the suspects would pay the price for being poor in a society that celebrates stolen wealth.

Under Section 1 of the Same Sex Act, the Nigerian government passed a sentence of 14 years in prison for anyone proved to be gay. However, this law is not fully implemented based on the reality of the growing number of citizens coming out as homosexuals in the country. In addition to that, more people are openly challenging this law and its implications.