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TIERs Releases Report On Violations of LGBTQ Nigerians

The report also documents the ways in which Nigeria’s legal system has failed the LGBTQ community by endorsing the violations inflicted on them and continuing to deny them their basic human rights. It lists physical attacks, extortion, blackmail, invasion of privacy, arbitrary arrests, and unlawful detention as some of the common trends of violation.

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NIGERIA: Safe House – House Of Rainbow in danger of closing.

Since March 2012, House Of Rainbow has provided a Safe House for the safety and protection of persecuted LGBT people in Nigeria. The work by the House became more poignant in the rise of violence against LGBT persons since January 2014.

The house is in Danger of closing down by 31st March 2015

Since 2012, we have provided emergency accommodation to LGBT people. We continue to maintain a safe place for those who needed somewhere when there is violence and or crisis at their homes or communities based on SOGI.

We need your HELP NOW to save this project.