Uganda's Members of Parliament halted all future opportunities on the introduction of LGBT issues in the Assembly of the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) forum. According to the Daily Monitor (16th October 2018), during the 139th IPU Assembly that was held in Geneva- Switzerland on Monday, the Ugandan delegation of Members of Parliament (MPs) led by Speaker of Uganda's parliament, Rebecca Kadaga lobbied various delegates that were present to support the motion which allowed the amendment of issues that are already adopted in the committee report. This was after the Standing Committee on Democracy and Human Rights wanted to introduce a change in rules that could make it possible for the general assembly to debate anything passed by the group including LGBT rights, a proposal that was greatly disapproved by most Arab and African members. The issue was put to a vote whereby 874 supported the motion, 671 opposed and 120 abstained from the debate.

Ugandan MPs hailed the Parliamentary Union of the Islamic Conference for their contribution towards the blockage of any discussion on gay rights that will ever be raised in the assembly's agenda. Paul Akamba, the Busiki MP said, “Article 1(2) of the IPU statute talks about defending and promoting only those rights that are accepted universally. Issues of LGBT community as you can see have been widely opposed. IPU should restrain from such useless debates." Most delegates that supported the motion opinionated that the assembly ought to pass laws and vote on issues that would promote the cultures of their respectable countries and the Constitution of the IPU Parliament, condemning LGBT rights as "unhuman" and "anti-cultural."

This episode is not the first time that Kadaga threatened dialogues of gay rights on the international scene. On 28th March 2018, Mamba Online reported that Kadaga accused European pro- LGBT countries of trying to introduce the amendment of LGBT persons in the declaration on migrants and refugees in the 138th IPU assembly that was also hosted in Geneva. She went ahead to threaten Uganda's withdrawal from the summit had the sitting insisted on the subject. This move signifies the continuous alienation and discrimination of LGBT issues from various platforms which negatively impacts efforts towards the promotion and advancement of human rights not only in Uganda but on regional and international forums. It further brings to light the realities of violence and intense criminalization of homosexuality especially in Arab and African countries

The Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) is an organization of various national parliaments from different countries that works to safeguard peace and drive positive democratic change through political dialogue and concrete action and is currently comprised of 178 member states.