After a loud outcry by Human Rights Defenders condemning the Anti-gay witch hunt in Tanzania, in response, the European Union (EU) has recalled its envoy to review its relations with the country. According to Reuters (5th November 2018), the EU criticized the situation as increasing violations against human rights in Tanzania. The EU spokeswoman, Susanne Mbise said in a statement that, “The EU regrets the deterioration of the human rights and rule of law situation in Tanzania and will be conducting a broad review of its relations with Tanzania.”

However, in a statement released on Sunday 4th November 2018, the government detached itself from the anticipated crackdown of the LGBT community. Tanzania's foreign ministry said that the government was in no support of the anti-gay campaign and Regional Commissioner, Paul Makonda represented his own views and not those of the national government. But even then, the government has refrained from protecting the gay community from rampant persecution and harassment since president Magufuli assumed office in July 2015.

Tensions continue to rise through unjustified evictions, mob attacks, arrests, home raids and forced convictions perpetrated by close relatives and the public. "People who are LGBT and in prostitution are already frequently ostracized and face multiple levels of violence and inequality," Tsitsi Matekaire of Equality Now told Reuters. "Arresting them perpetuates this inequality, resulting in further marginalization and damage to their well-being." Tanzania's queer community still pleads for foreign pressure on the government to completely abandon the anti-gay campaign that is similar to the one instigated in 2016. They also request the United Nations to help them seek refuge in other countries. This will shield them from constant persecution since human rights groups within the country are reluctant to speak publicly in defense of gay rights due to fear.

Meanwhile, the United States embassy advised American citizens living in the country to review their social media profiles and internet activity as part of a three- point action plan for their safety. While they monitor local and international news, US diplomats asked American citizens to remove any material that may violate Tanzania’s laws on same sex conduct. In regards to strengthening security of the Americans, Tanzanian officials are also required under the agreement of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations to inform the US embassy if they arrest any American in relation to homosexuality.