Are you a Sex Worker, a sex worker activist? Have you worked with sex workers, or are you a passionate advocate for the rights of sex workers?

Opportunity closing date: Wednesday, 13th February 2019 at 11:59pm

Men of the Night Uganda (MONU) is a male sex worker-­‐led organization that advocates for health, economic, human, social and health rights of male sex workers in Uganda. MONU envisions an empowered male sex work community with a better understanding of sexual rights and Justice.

Our mission is to empower, advocate and educate, male sex workers and lessen stigma of male sex work in Uganda. Men of the night Uganda espouses and at all times aspires to be guided by, advocate for and adhere to the human rights principles of accountability, empowerment, non-discrimination, participation and express application of the national and international legal (human rights) framework.

Since its inception, MONU has had members from the five districts of Uganda; Kampala, Wakiso, Jinja, Mbale and Mukono. In the years since its formation, MONU has increased in its reach, its power and its influence across these districts.

MONU has had a board of five members since its inception and it was decided in the last board meeting that a new board be elected from capable and qualified persons thus this call.

MONU is incorporated as a (non-profit) organization limited by guarantee and without a share capital under the NGO Act of Uganda. We are led by The General Assembly which involves all our members as we are a membership organization.

The mandate of the Board shall be to:

  • Strengthen MONU’s governance through collective decision making that represents the interests of the different members.
  • Review MONU’s financial and programmatic status and support the secretariat to develop a work plan and a fundraising plan.
  • Act as the official communication and liaison with secretariat, funders, members, partners and other stakeholders.
  1. d) The main role of the board shall be an advisory role to MONU secretariat.

A strong and credible governance is necessary for the success and sustainability of any organization. MONU is keen on demonstrating this to both its community and also the partners and funders as an accountability measure.

This therefore is a call for application for people interested in serving as MONU board members in a voluntary unpaid role. Board members provide leadership, governance and oversight to help further MONU’s Vision and Mission. Applications are sought from sex workers, sex work activists based on the following Criteria

Criteria to serve as a member of MONU board:

  1. Applicant represents the interest of male sex workers and must belong to a sex worker led organization who is member of UNESO or must be an activist who puts the interests of male sex workers first.
  2. Applicant is passionate about the growth and development of MONU
  1. Applicant is knowledgeable in issues of male sex workers and governance of organizations and can contribute meaningfully in discussion making
  2. Has demonstrated leadership in championing the rights of male sex workers (e.g. has led an advocacy campaign, led a project in advancing the rights of sex workers, is an active member of a sex worker led organization or a human rights activist interested in the rights of sex workers)
  1. Have knowledge/experience of leadership and governance in community-­‐based organization
  1. Should be comfortably literate and able to communicate ( speak and write) in English
  1. Commit at least two meetings in a year
  1. Respond to communication in a timely manner
  1. Applicant has strong interpersonal skills and is keen on positive change and is focused on solutions.
  1. Be a confident communicator and enjoy working in a male sex work community with peers 

Positions to be filled

This is necessary to position MONU as a dynamic, innovative, male sex work led and inclusive organization where all male sex workers in all their diversity find genuine expression. A five member MONU board will be elected to reflect district representation and membership representation diversity. A Bard consisting four member is what MONU needs and MONU secretariat will have the Executive Director as the Secretary to the board with non-voting powers

Applicants should submit a letter of motivation, a CV and the names and contact details of two referees to menofthenightug@gmail.com with ‘Board Member Application’ in the email subject line

 Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, 13th March 2019.

Applications received after that date will not be considered. The consultants will review the applications based on the criteria and present the names at the AGM election by members