RELLA Foundation in Drive to Rehabilitate #Ram125

RELLA Women’s Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides shelter for LBQ+ women that have for one reason or another found themselves homeless, was in October 2019 robbed by yet to be identified persons. The organization, while trying to get back on its feet has now taken on the initiative to fundraise for the basic necessities of the people that were arrested during the #RAM125 incident.

As shared on the go-fundme campaign

On November 10, 2019, the Ugandan Police raided an LGBTQ+ friendly bar and arrested 127 people (the entire bar) most of whom are members of the community. The raid featured on local tv bulletins and most community members were outed to their homophobic families, employers and friends. The police detained everyone for more than 24 hours, took them to court and they were later remanded to the national prison, Luzira.  Some were lucky enough to have friends and family pay fees to get them out but others, not so lucky. For some of these people, their lives have changed after this incident. They have been chased by their families and are relying on Rella Women's Foundation to provide them with a safe space.  Rella Women's Foundation, Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) and Shawn, an activist, are assisting to distribute supplies such as sanitary pads, sandals, water, food, and bail to those still imprisoned for nothing more than being themselves.

The fundraiser is to help the victims that were arrested and don’t have bail money, as well as supplies such as water, sanitary pads, soap, food and other necessities use while still in the prison, and for those that are staying at the Rella Uganda shelter.

*If you are a non-profit in Uganda and want to donate materials rather than money please see the list of needs!

Thank you everyone for your generous help!!!

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