Ice Breakers Uganda (IBU) hosted its first community Sunday of the year on 9th January 2020; the event was dubbed #SundayFun. Despite the hot afternoon, several LGBTI+ community members flocked IBU's premises for an opportunity to kick back, let loose and relax while they caught up with their peers.

According to the Programs Director at IBU Elvis Ayesiga, community Sunday which is slated for every first Sunday of the month is a strategy that the organisation adopted to help combat mental health challenges and stress among LGBT+ community members and activists away from the serious human rights advocacy work. "... It was a fun day where community members killed off stress. It had been long since I saw people happy like this Sunday and as IBU, we believe in mental well-being. With all the stigma against our community, this day is all about creating our own community fun and happiness. So next time, those that missed out should feel free to join us," Ayesiga said excitedly.

The day is also attributed to building synergies that will contribute to partnerships and collaborations among LGBTIQ community based organizations in order to strengthen Uganda's queer movement.

The community members that graced the event played cards, scrabble, ludo as well as round ball, skipping rope and dodge ball, all of which had many reminiscing about their childhood. Participants were also treated to a screening of the second season of POSE- a renown American drama television series that depicts African-American and Latino LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming persons living in New York who embraced the ballroom scene during the early 1990s.

One of the attendees, Eric Ndaula (Executive Director of Let's Walk Uganda) shared what he thought of the event. "Ice Breakers created this day within a safe space; connecting with the community members on this day made me miss Ram. I felt at home and it actually helped my mental health," he expressed.

The Executive Director of Visual Echoes for Human Rights Advocacy Krest Lear also chimed in on the event, "Community Sunday is a very important space for the LGBTIQ community to meet, interact and get social in a friendly manner. Seeing people of common interests meet is an indication of liberty and I believe we shall overcome soon," he noted.