Pride Afrique announces the very first Pan-African virtual LGBTQA Pride

A broad coalition of African lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, questioning and intersex(LGBTQI+) activists, continental grassroots organizations, and allies, are preparing a virtual queer event, dubbed Pride Afrque. Organisers want to celebrate, and uplift LGBTQI+ persons and groups across the African continent and in the diaspora. The event will be held on Facebook , Instagram , YouTube and Zoom from August 14 to August 16 2020 under the theme “Our stories, our voices, our pride”.

“It’s about who we are beyond our sexual identities and associated stereotypes, what we do to contribute to our societies, and what resources we have available at our disposal as LGBTQ Africans.” Kehinde Bademosi, the Project Director of the event.

“We intend to inspire and inform both our LGBTQA communities and allies that our gender and sexual identities are never a barrier to what each of us can achieve. This event is primarily organized for those queer Africans who think they’ll never attain self-actualization owing to who they are. We also want to inform the continent and the world that our sexual and gender identities are very much part of this continent’s history and narrative.’’

Pride Afrique is 100% volunteer-driven which in itself sends a message:  “We need to change the narrative that when Africa steps on the scene, we are looking for money. This is a self-advocacy event. Run and fully funded by the communities.” Kenny said.

The two-day Pan-African event will spotlight LGBTQI Africans creating change in the grassroots despite the harsh realities on their various communities. There will be intergenerational and intersectional conversations to empower the audience.

The event will also highlight diverse personal stories through multiple digital media contents in Arabic, English, French and Portuguese. It is intended to attract the participation and attendance of queer people in Africa, queer African families, allies, corporate and non-governmental organizations, government institutions, all Africans and their friends worldwide.

“The safety of our people is a key priority of this event. Even though the events are made public, participants do not need to log in or use your online profile to participate. All participation will be anonymous. We want organizations to send us support videos that LGBTQI lives matter in Africa.” Kenny concluded.

More information is available on social media (#PrideAfrique2020 hashtag or @PrideAfrique handle on various platforms) and on the website:

Media Contacts

Miss saHHara or Emmanuel Munyarukumbuzi

Email:, Hashtag: #PrideAfrique2020

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