Kuchu Times Media Group is thrilled to finally unveil its latest project. From the process of compiling stories for the fifth edition of Bombastic Magazine, we closely interacted with LGBTIQ refugees particularly those based in Nairobi. They expressed the need for a platform where they could engage in constructive conversations, share their experiences as well as debunk the myths that we have been fed about being an LGBTIQ refugee.

With the eventual publication and distribution of the magazine, we teamed up with the LGBTIQ refugees in Nairobi and Nature Network and together we created what will be a bi-monthly talk show. The show titled UNMASKING THE MYTH will be hosted by Purity Paige, a passionate and outspoken activist that has been living in Nairobi as a refugee for four and a half years.

The show will tackle a wide range of issues within the LGBTIQ refugee community with the sole purpose of giving the refugees a platform to discuss what affects them and share their lives realities. UNMASKING THE MYTHS will also go beyond Nairobi and take us into the lives of people seeking asylum as well as those that have already integrated into their host countries.  Allan Katwere will be the official diaspora correspondent and will keep us updated on all the happenings within the LGBTIQ refugee and asylee community abroad.

While UNMASKING THE MYTHS is premiering on a Monday, the next episodes will air on the second and last Wednesdays on the month.