In January 2019, Angola’s parliament approved the new penal code which eliminated the outlawing of homosexuality. These new laws officially came into effect on 9th February 2021 after a ninety-day period from their publication date on 22nd July 2020.

The new penal code also provides more protection for sexual and gender minorities as discrimination of persons based on their gender identity or sexual orientation is now a crime by law.  Article 214 of the new Penal Code, forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment and the provision of goods and services

Furthermore, multiple other articles, including articles 71, 172, 215, 216, 225, 382 and 384, outlaw incitement to hatred, hate speech, defamation and hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation with varying degrees of punishment. For instance, article 172 bans threats against someone or a group of people on account of their sexual orientation, among others, with 1-year imprisonment and a fine of up to 120 days. The punishment for death threats is doubled. Article 384 lists persecution on the basis of sexual orientation as a crime against humanity, on par with slavery, willful manslaughter, genocide, rape, forced mutilation and others

Previously, articles 70 and 71 of the Penal Code of 1886 contained a vaguely worded prohibition against public immorality and acts considered "against nature".