Adonai International Ministries is an LGBTIQ+ focused Christian entity led by Ram Gava. Their main goal is to create awareness on religion, inspire growth and boost ministry growth. We spoke to Pastor Ram who obeyed Gods calling and started this faith based space during the 2020 lockdown.

Below are the excerpts.

KT: Please give us a brief introduction about yourself

RG: My name is Pr. Kaggwa Ramathan Mutyaba though preferred names are Ram Gava. I am the Founder and Senior Pastor of ADONAI INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES. I also currently serve as the Executive Director at Wave Of Legacy Alliance Initiative Uganda, an LGBTQ led non-profit organization that focuses on the well-being of LGBTQ persons to bridge the gap between the main stream organizations and the LGBTQ persons in Uganda when it comes to accessibility of health and legal services especially to young people living with HIV as well as promote their talents.

KT: What is AIM and why was it established?

RG: Many LGBTQ persons have faced while others are still facing stigma, discrimination and condemnation in their places of worship due to their sexuality and gender identity. Many religious leaders use religion and holy books to condemn the LGBTQ persons hence making them to feel not worthy being in the presence of God.

We realized this and came up with the program of Spiritual Awakening and activism.

I obeyed the voice of the LORD when he called me and started ADONAI INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES to amplify the gospel of love to the oppressed and depressed LGBTI persons. The ministry started early 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown. We always carried out online services because churches were on lockdown as well as all other public transport means. We also didn’t have a safe space to carry on with our services since our former landlord by that time was also a very committed Muslim.

One of the main reasons why ADONAI INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES (AIM) was founded is to create a safe and stigma free space for all LGBTI in different parts of the world to worship their God freely. When the lockdown was lifted and churches were opened, AIM church members got a chance to gather and fellowship together happily in spirit.

KT: What is your perception of religion in relation to LGBTQ persons in Uganda?

RG: Many religious leaders believe and teach that being LGBTQ is being demon possessed. Religion has continued claiming that being LGBTQ is a sin with reference from many bible verses.

KT: What challenges has AIM experienced since inception?

RG: Some of the challenges AIM has experienced are; lack of enough seats for the church members which we always hire out every time we have a service, limited resources to stream live for our online followers, lack of machines like drums and sound system. We also spend a lot of money hiring instrumentalists because we don’t have anyone skilled in the ministry.

KT: What achievements have you registered this far?

RG: Despite our challenges, we have been able to achieve the following; We got an ample safe space to carry out our services and other ministry activities. The church has grown and it has acquired a bigger number of followers compared to the previous year. Some of the church members have donated church instruments like microphones. We have successfully appointed a hardworking and committed committee which runs the day to day ministry programs.

KT: Any other services that AIM offers to Uganda's LGBTQ communities?

RG: AIM runs a shelter for homeless LGBTI persons and since it's establishment, it has accommodated over 20 beneficiaries.

AIM also runs different advocacy campaigns like the recent “ALL ARE EQUAL BEFORE GOD” which was meant to preach to the world that we are all the same in the eyes of God and despite our sexuality or gender identity, we are still humans and all created in the image of God. So we should not judge one another but rather share together the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

AIM offers counseling and guidance to the LGBTQ persons.

Adonai International Ministries furthermore does economic empowerment through technical skills training.

KT: How can AIM be reached?

RG: You can reach out to Adonai International Ministries via social media; Facebook page @ ADONAI INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES, Email: or call us on +256775208639. We are located in Kisaasi Nakawa Division, so feel free to write us; ADONAI INTERNATIONAL MINSISTRIES, P.O Box 29671, Kampala, Uganda

KT: Anything else you would like to add?

RG: Please come and join us for our weekly programs;

SEED OF HOPE(SOH) which takes place every Wednesday at 7pm to 8pm (E.A.T)

CHAIN OF PRAYER which airs every Friday from 5pm to 6pm (E.A.T)

SUNDAY SERVICES from 11am to 1pm (E.A.T)

AIM also celebrates “SOCIAL SUNDAYS” which happen every last Sunday of the month where LGBT persons gather together from different regions of the country to celebrate Christ, interact, playing various indoor and outdoor games, having lunch together then end with a movie in the evening.

We believe by doing do so, we are bridging a gap of boredom, depression and loneliness among the LGBTI persons.