Uganda’s LGBTIQ community mourns the passing of Canon Mary Ssenyonjo

The LGBTIQ community in Uganda commiserates with Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo upon the loss of his wife. The late Canon Mary Ssenyonjo, was a loving mother, wife and daughter. She fought fiercely for the LGBTIQ community and supported our beloved Bishop through his tribulations. We want the world to know that Canon Mary Ssenyonjo will forever be in our hearts.

Some condolence messages from community members include;

“The world, Uganda and more so the LGBTIQ community have lost a spiritual mother. Mama Mary has comforted so many of the “lost sheep “. After Bishop led prayers with the late together with David Kato at my family home to send off my mother she told me. “My daughter don’t blame him he gives and takes away for his own reason”. Over the years they have been my spiritual guidance. Today I know how our Bishop feels to lose Mary. Oh dear Christopher from being castigated for standing for love and true scriptures I am sharing this so that your beloved people from a far can support you. Burial might be on Friday if we can raise enough funds to support our beloved Bishop.” Kasha Jaqueline Nabagesera.

“Those who don’t know Bishop has been a strong ally of the LGBTQ and so was his late wife Lady Mary. They comforted many who struggled to reconcile their sexuality with religion. They opened doors to those who were in need. His truth based on the teaching of love to the lost sheep, unending support to the LGBTQ led to his excommunication from the Church. Mary was no different, she believed the same and opened her home to the community. She will be missed dearly.” -Long Jones.

“It’s sad that we have lost a mother and friend, it’s absolutely sad to announce the death of the Bishop Ssenyonjo’s wife. May her soul rest in eternal peace. We pray that God comforts our Bishop.” -Ram Gava Kaggwa.

“Receiving sad news that our mama, wife to bishop Ssenyonjo has transitioned. The last time I visited her, she told me, “my son feel free when your here, eat as much as you can”. -Bryne Comrade.

“This is indeed sad news. I met her some time last year when I went to get an interview with Bishop Ssenyonjo for the latest publication of Bombastic Magazine at their home. She was so warm, kind and welcoming. Even talking about it at this moment right now, feels like it did then. It’s true what they say; “People might forget what you said. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” My sincerest condolences to Bishop Ssenyonjo, family and friends of the deceased. May the universe embrace and rest her soul in eternal peace.” -Diana Karungi.

The late Canon Mrs Mary Ssenyonjo was born on 5th January 1983 and died on 1 5th September 2021. She is survived by a husband, 7 children and 15 grandchildren.