Get Better Content Or We’ll Cancel You!-KTMG Told Off.

Kuchu Times Media Group-KTMG engaged with the LGBTIQ community to forge a way forward as we begin the next 5 years of operation.

While speaking at the event, Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera our ED said, ”We need to document our stories for the future generation.”

Sam Ganafa the Executive Director Specrtum Uganda said, “There’s need to document our history, so many things happened in the building of the movement but it seems like these stories aren’t being told. We need to document and archive the movement’s experiences from the past.”

Muganzi Ruth the KTMG Programs Director said “We are a community platform and as we are completing our 5 year strategic plan, we figured we’d come back to the community and see if we are serving you right. We hope you can give us honest feedback according to the work we do.”

In response to why the LGBTIQ history in Uganda hasn’t been archived, Ruth said, “The generation that started the movement has been hard at sharing the story of where the movement began. We’d like to know how we can reach you. Please be more open and let us interview you.”

Basing on these comments, KTMG requests our LGBTIQ leaders who were there at the beginning of the movement to share their stories to inspire the younger LGBTIQ people within the community.

LGBTIQ community members who attended the meeting requested KTMG to revamp their podcast and YouTube channel to ease dissemination of information. We’d like to inform the community that this is motion and soon you’ll see videos, podcasts and more articles documenting LGBTIQ stories.

Brant Luswaata the ED Icebreakers Uganda requested for more positive LGBTIQ stories. “It is important that the team at KTMG understands the target audience, tell more positive humane ordinary life stories and meet up with the people they interview instead of doing desk top journalism.”

Keem Love Black who now goes by Mukyootala was applauded for supporting KTMG by sharing LGBTIQ stories on their personal social media free of charge. Other members were encouraged to do the same not only to boost their identity but for the movement.

We used the opportunity to announce that we now have trained reporters from various regions of Uganda who will be able to share the lived realities of LGBTIQ people in their areas.

The meeting ended with the preview of a book by Richard Ssebaggala called The Fish Rots from the Head. The Book addresses the challenges of poor customer service in Uganda. The writer Richard Ssebaggala raises service challenges one sees everywhere within the country.