It Is Important That LGBTIQ Ugandans Are Comfortable In Their Being.

Kuchu Times Media Group sent Hassan Mubuya our correspondent from Mbale to consult about the mental health situation in his area and this is what he had to report.

“When I had a brief conversation with my peers within the LGBTIQ community in Mbale they told me it is important to note that embracing who we are can have a positive impact in our wellbeing. This means we get to be more confident and have a sense of belonging to a community which usually comes with and self-acceptance, better relationships with friends, family, and the community at large.” He says.

Hassan adds that, “I noticed that some situations LGBTIQ people go through can affect their mental health such as, discrimination, homophobia or transphobia, social isolation, rejection, and difficult experiences of coming out. This has made some turn to alcohol and drug abuse leading to mental health issues depression and in extreme cases suicidal thoughts. also may mean they are at higher risk of experiencing poor mental health.

He concludes that it is important for LGBTIQ people to seek help when they need it.