Taking Jesus On The Road – A Mission To Spread Inclusive Religion.

Adonai Inclusive Christian Ministries have taken their services upcountry. This after the organization made a survey and realized the need for an LGBTIQ friendly place of worship. As Adonai we realized there was a big need to start upcountry ministries which can provide radical inclusive church services.

“We started with Masaka on Sunday October 2021 and thereafter we shall be heading to Jinja which is in the Eastern part of the country. A plan to cover the entire country has been drawn.” Says Ram Gava the Executive Director Adonai Christian Ministries.

He calls for any form of financial support towards their activities. “We are a young organization and executing such missions can be quite expensive, for example the mission to Masaka had to happen in a hall with no electricity yet we had to use Zoom. It was quite challenging.” He adds.

Adonai Inclusive Christian Ministries plans to continue delivering the gospel of inclusiveness in Uganda.

According to the organization, “This is a big milestone in religious advocacy because religion has always been used to dehumanize LGBTQ persons and we believe that taking religion upcountry will be key in dealing with injustices faced by LGBTQ persons not only in Uganda but also across the region.