Queer Parenting Should Not Be A Hassle-A Queer Mother shares Her Thoughts.

As we begin the month of love, we need to preach and practice love for all inhabitants on this planet earth. We need to consider getting out of our cages and explore more beyond our selves and all that we think we know. We need to restore all that we have broken just because of the broken structures we’re initiated into by our ancestors.

Have you ever thought of:

– How life would be different if you thought differently about things?

– How is it to be a queer mother/parent in a country like Uganda?

– How Antenatal Care would be for a Queer person who has no privileges of paying for their bills in a private facility?

We have been programmed to think according to the selfish and rigid social and cultural norms in our country. And those in positions of power/authority hide behind those norms to come up with discriminating laws and policies which have for long affected the progress and development of our country due to the exclusion of groups like the Sexual Minorities. Health Care Facilities are not that friendly to everyone as they must be and many have grown up in environments that don’t favor us to learn much about parenting beyond that’s structured by the norms we grow up believing.

As a Queer Mother, I have faced challenges in Queer Parenting and Co- parenting that I never want other Queer mothers/parents to go through. I have interacted with other Queer mothers who have faced challenges as early as at the stage of Antenatal Care because of their sexuality which brought about unwanted complications. There’s need make health care service friendly for all human being regardless of other factors. There is need to have parenting guidelines to parents without discrimination.

Reality can’t be erased. Successful parenting is never about Sexuality but about Love and Care for the creatures we bring on this planet.