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Of The Charlatans, Opportunists and Grifters In The Ex-Gay Movement.

Over a decade has passed since this narrative began playing out in the dusty streets of Kampala. Money, deceit, the police, the Ugandan government, and LGBTQ people are all involved. It speaks of the many lives that have been turned upside down; the scandals and embarrassments; the loss of jobs and livelihoods; and the betrayal of family and friends. This is the account of the ex-gay movement in Uganda and the numerous lives it destroyed in its wake (from my point of view).

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Uganda: Oooh yes, I have met God!

The team of lawyers; Prof. Ogenga Latigo, Andrew Mwenda, Nicholas Opio, to mention but a few whose efforts led to the nullification of the Anti-Gay Bill; at a point when the evil church is preaching against is me, the culture is repelling me, family disowning me and politics playing their dirty game on me. Who would I want to call my God other than these guys? Correct me if am wrong! If is true God lives among us, then these are the guys who live among us as God. I am proudly Catholic and not an atheist. I see God in these people! I am proud of the founding members of the outstanding organizations that have shielded the gay community from the ultraviolet light. It took them courage, enthusiasm, commitment and sacrifice to fight for a cause whose end is hard to define!