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I Almost Outed Myself: Chronicles Of Bombastic Magazine. (1-5)

As we anticipate the release and distribution of the next edition of the Bombastic Magazine, we will document and share stories from our readers on their experiences with the magazine in a series that we have named The Chronicles of Bombastic Magazine.

Our first story comes from Phyllis Wanjiru.

When the first copy of the Bombastic Magazine came out I was at this lovely media house as a journalist. I was a weekly news reporter and weekend news anchor. I used to sit at a certain corner in the newsroom with my earphones on minding my business.
When the copy was delivered, the editor read through it and then said “Abasiyazi batuweeerezza magazine, laba bye bagamba.” Loosely translated as “The homosexuals have sent us a magazine, look at what they are saying.” I froze. Now this comment wasn’t directed to anyone in particular. However me being a lesbian I froze in my tracks, I was shocked, I could feel blood rushing through my head, I saw stars. You see back then I was living in the closet and even dated men just to hide who I am. Seeing any LGBTIQ related literature so close to home was scary for me. Her statement wasn’t meant to be homophobic by any chance because I know that the media house I worked for doesn’t mind people’s sexuality as long as they accomplish what they are hired to do.

The copy was delivered in the afternoon and my fellow reporters and news anchors took chances reading it. Yours truly wanted nothing to do with it. I was afraid that if I touched it I’d out myself, back then in my head I thought if I went anywhere near the publication I’d maybe exhibit lesbian behavior so I sat in my lovely corner all afternoon. I was afraid of how they’d react to me being lesbian having seen the homophobic news reports by print media and some TV stations that outed transgender people as impersonators. Turns out they would have supported me. One of my former workmates even asked me “Why didn’t you tell me?” she was very sympathetic and understanding that I had to live in the closet.

I waited until everyone had gone home and took the copy with me. It was like smuggling drugs, I thought, what if my handbag fell and the magazine dropped out and people saw it? What would they think of me? Would they harm me? Would they laugh at me? What would really happen? Anyway I made it home safely and the rest is history I have a copy of each publication. Life in the closet can be quite interesting. I’m glad to have finally come out of the closet and live openly as a lesbian. Honestly though not everyone has to come out of the closet. I’ll soon share a story about how Bombastic Magazine helped me come out to my father.

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