Funding has Become Scarce And We Are Struggling.

Today we had a meeting with a member of the National LGBTQ Security working group. Sandra Ntebi the LGBTQ National Security Coordinator said when they get cases, they have to document, assess and refer the cases for verification and after the REAct program led by Sexual Minorities Uganda.

Kasha Jaqueline Nabagesera the Kuchu Times Media Group Executive Director said “I’m grateful especially to the coordinator of the LGBTQ Security working group, they go out of their way to immediately respond to cases and always use cash out of pocket. Let us not be coy but acknowledge the fact that finances are needed for such situations. My concern is that the amount of support has waned, our dear funders need to realize that we need them now more than ever. We have funders coming in and doing short programs that are not sustainable, for example if you do a 3 month project where you are paying rent for an LGBTQ Ugandan, where will they find the next rent? How will they survive in that house considering they need electricity and water among other things?”

Sandra Ntebi said they need to know the true definition of emergency because when LGBTQ Ugandans request for emergency funds they come in late and they are reduced, they informed us that as a coordinator they do not feel safe doing their work because they do not only receive hate from the heterosexual Ugandans but the LGBTQ Ugandans as well who think they haven’t forwarded their cases for consideration.

Sandra Ntebi had visited the office for a candid meeting with our Executive Director and a member of the team.

We call upon our funders to:
• Maintain a sustainable security funds for LGBTQ Ugandans.
• Act now to prevent future issues that cause LGBTQ to require REAct.
• Revamp training on security for LGBTQ Ugandans because many have now come out but they do not know how to protect themselves.

The photo we have shared in the article shows one of the incidents that require us to have REAct services immediately.