International Promotional

Inaugural Munich Extra Pride

As we draw towards the end of global pride festivities, we are reminded to celebrate the milestones hit this year. Like how the Ugandan LGBTQ+ community made a whole decade celebrating pride and the first ever Extra Pride organized by the BI_POC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) LGBTIQA+ community in Munich, Germany.
Cameron Kakande was the grand marshal of the first ever Extra Pride in Munich, Germany held to celebrate people of color and indigenous LGBTIQA+ persons. KTMG spoke to him about this historic moment, its necessity and the effects the team behind it hoped to achieve.

There is discrimination against against Black People, Indigenous People, People of Color and Transgender persons, Nonbinary People and plus size queer people in the main LGBT+ organizing. Three organizations; People Like Us (PLUS), Beyond Color and Afro Diaspora came together to organize this Extra Pride.

The power of working together paid off as these three organization found a way to convince the city of Munich to support this cause as one of the donors. This event was well received by the target group it was meant for with 450 people in attendance. There were a number of workshops held on HIV/AIDS, activism, LGBT+ human rights, queer life with disabilities, BI-POC people empowerment, sex worker empowerment and femme spaces which were followed by the march for which Cameron was grand marshal.

“The space has broken out and we are looking forward to having it every year!” said Cameron.

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