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GAMBIA: Three suspected gay men to be prosecuted.

Three men who were arrested for allegedly engaging in homosexual practices in the country are set to be prosecuted, an official of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), told the Daily Observer Monday.

The three men were recently rounded up by operatives of the NIA and have been investigated for their alleged crime, which is unlawful in The Gambia.

The intelligence officer, who was speaking at the headquarters of the NIA, said the Agency has been carrying out operations during which its personnel arrested three Gambians suspected of being gays.

He explained: “We arrested some and others are beyond the territory, but that would not stop us from operations. During the investigations, suspects confessed that they were truly engaged in the act of homosexuality.

They further revealed that most them started homosexual act between the ages of nine and ten. The investigation also revealed that the suspects were introduced to the homosexual act by friends, most of whom are non-Gambians. The suspects said they depended on them for financial support. The suspects were engaged in the activities to the point where they became addicted and could no longer stop”.

The intelligence officer, who affirmed that the practice is against the law, added: “The suspects continued on with the activity and along the line they met other people who they associated with to engage in the activity”.

The officer called on the general public to be vigilant and discourage activities he described as “inhuman, un-Gambian and condemned by all religions”.

“Landlords, bar, restaurants, and hotels owners, amongst others, should also take responsibility to monitor extra activities that happen in their environment. The act is illegal and we will leave no stone unturned to ensuring that it is not practiced in The Gambia. Whoever is caught will face prosecution,” the officer concluded.
Author: Omar Wally