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UGANDA: 2014 Community Favorites Results


It has been an amazing period seeing community members participant socially in this campaign as they voted their favourite activists of the year in Uganda. 213 participated in the voting and below are the results.



1. Most Outstanding Male Activist- Frank Mugisha
2. Most Outstanding Female Activist- Kasha Nabagesera
3. Most Outstanding Trans-Activists- Pepe Onziema
4. Oustanding Organizations- Spectrum/Icebreakers
5. Freelance Activists- Ambrosio Wazabanga
6 Outstanding Community Mobilizers- Brant Luswata/ Frank Kamya
7. Outstanding Public Figures- Adrian Jukko
8. Most Inspiring- Dr.Stella Nyanzi
9. Upcoming Strong Activists- Zak Skats/ Richard Lusimbo
10. Most Active Social Media Activist- Frank Mugisha
11. Most Active Social Media Pages/Groups- Spectrum Uganda
12. Oustanding 2014 Community Projects- Economic Empowerment by YRF
13. Most Successful Events- Pride 2014
14. Incredible Partners- HRAPF
15. Outstanding Service Providers- Marpi Mulago/HRAPF
16. Oustanding Entertainment Groups- TUK
17. Oustanding Hangouts- Ram Bar
18. Most Social Activist-Kamya Frank
19. Most Outstanding Moments- Pride 2014
20. Oustanding Campaigns- Launch of Bombastic Magazine
21 . Outstanding Diaspora Supporters- Melanie Nathan

NOTE: Incases where there are two people on a category, it means it was a tie vote.
Thanks to other nominees who couldnt make it through and to the entire community for your sincere participation, all the best in 2015, until December same time, be blessed.

Originally posted on Facebook – Spectrum Uganda