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UGANDA: A Day of Remembrance for David Kato


David Kato Kissule

On this very day;  – As it has become tradition, today members of the Ugandan LGBTI community convened at Icebreakers Uganda – IBU premises to remember the life of the first gay man to openly advocate for rights of LGBTI Ugandans. With the theme “Your Legacy Lives On” more than 50 community members and allies gathered to share their experiences working and knowing DKK . The event opened with a short film by the Peter Tatchel Foundation. It  features David and also focuses on the role played by western evangelicals in the promotion of of hate and drafting and introduction of the Anti Homosexuality Bill 2009 in the Ugandan Parliament and shared views from the pro and anti-gay activists.

After this short film activists who worked with David in the initial years of the UgandanLGBTI movement struggle shared their moments while with David and those that were motivated by his great deeds to join the struggle also poured out their hearts. This was an emotional moment as many recalled the great times they had with him. His great deeds, kind character and hard work, his love for everyone, forgiving heart and many more.

Frank Mugisha the Executive Director of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) who organized the event and also worked with Kato for 5yrs shared how Kato cared so much about others and most of the times forgetting about himself.
Many new activists and community members recalled how they first got to know about Kato after watching the fiesta of his death and burial on National Television.

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera who is also regarded as the founding mother of the movement then shared and enlightened the participants on how Kato joined the Uganda LGBT movement in 2005.She shared a very touching story of how her and her then founding members had a problem associating with David because of his shabby dressing and much older age; “We were all young and smartly dressed and wondered what this shabby much older man wanted from us, we kept giving him wrong addresses not to join our events but David never gave up, he kept calling and eventually we gave him a chance, little did we know that this was the start of a great working experience with a man who was very intelligent and consistent he was a person who never kept grudges. Working with him taught me a lot”, Nabagesera concluded with a shaky voice of withholding tears.

In inclusion prayers followed and Pepe  Onziema the Program Director of SMUG recited a poem in remembrance of the life of the late, A poem that told us about his working relationship with Kato that many misunderstood, not did many have to get into deeper thought but also lead many to reflect on every single moment of David in the struggle for LGBTI peope in Uganda.
The event ended with members lighting candles, sharing refreshments and on a high note with many members committing to continue the legacy of an intelligent selfless and caring person.

David Kato Kisuule Your Legacy Lives On. Rest in Peace Comrade.

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