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UGANDA: Reflections and flashback from attending a three day anti-gay conference in 2009

Ugandan activist Kasha Jacqueline from Freedom and Roam Uganda writes about her experiences at a 2009 anti-gay conference.

KAMPALA – “Homosexuality comes from a background of anger and pain.”—that was the theme of the anti-gay seminar in Kampala, Uganda. The facilitators and guest speakers referred to anger, pain, and wounds to help answer many of the questions they were asked by participants.

“Will heterosexuals who have a background of anger and pain become gay?”—a participant asked.

“It’s very possible because many homosexuals have come from broken families or have been sexually abused.”, Don Schmierer responded. He continued, “Many homosexuals go in search of what they didn’t get in childhood, which ends up being sexual and then leads to a homosexual lifestyle.”

“So if a gay man is looking for a fatherly figure or love does it mean that they also wanted a sexual relationship with their fathers?”—asked another a participant. “They don’t always go searching for a sexual affair but they end up having sexual affairs with same-sex people because that’s the only way they can keep the long-searched love that they didn’t get from their parents.”, said Caleb Lee Brundidge, a self-confessed “ex-homosexual.

The Ex-Gay Movie

All the interviewees in the movie had a history of abuse, came from broken families, and were born-again Christians. And of course the movie prompted questions.

“What about people from what I would call a ‘perfect’ family, those without abuse, violence etc., but who are gay?”
“What caused them to be gay?”

One speaker responded, “They may not know what happened to them while they were children but it has to do with subconscious pain and anger.”

“Caleb, were you really gay or you were just practising homosexuality? I am saying this because they are many people here in Uganda who have sex with same-sex partners for money, adventure etc. but they are not necessarily gay.” Caleb replied that this would be impossible. “No straight man or woman would sleep with another man or woman for anything. Again the issues are (attraction) anger, pain and wounds which they may not even be aware of.”

Heterosexual Genes vs. Homosexual Genes

“If we respect the family as God intended it, then there wouldn’t be any homosexuals in the world.”, lamented Scott Lively, who went on to claim that people are not born gay, period. Saying, “there is no scientific research to prove this.”

“Let’s say that they decide to choose the same sex lifestyle because of their backgrounds (pain, anger and wounds) why is it so important for us to stop them? Aren’t we taking away the solutions to their past history (abuse, pain and anger)?”—a participant asked.

This is how Scott Lively responded…

We must stop this Gay Agenda because its not God’s design for a family. The Gay Agenda has come to control society and gays have a blueprint for transforming a nation. A proper family is when there is a father and mother and children so that generations continue. The Gay Agenda doesn’t have that. What they are doing is a sin according to the Bible, but they have decided to call their sin a blessing from God. They gay movement is very evil and we must stop it immediately. You have a gay movement in Uganda that is operating at a high level, which you must bear in mind. This gay movement around the world has a handbook that they use and that is what the Ugandan gay movement is using now. You must be ready to stop this gay agenda. And don’t think that fighting the gay movement is the solution—you will be fighting a losing battle because this movement has come to stop humanity. They have a clear vision, mission and strategies. The only way to defeat them is to compete with them. Their movement is 70 years old and that’s why they don’t care about you. They know you will die soon and they will replace you and take over the nation. They have decided to recruit the youth. You have a lot of work to do. Homosexuality is immoral and we cannot sit back and see immorality controlling nations. Homosexuality is equivalent to paedophilia in many ways. Homosexuals cannot control their sexual desires and behaviors. If all of us acted upon our desires and feelings then where would the world be? Families would break up because of adultery. People would continue to molest children, etc.

“But again why is it so important for us to stop people from becoming gay?”—a participant asked.

“It’s very important because the homosexual agenda is to turn the whole world gay. They don’t believe in families of fathers and mothers and that’s why they are the ones working in abortion clinics. Why was homosexuality scrapped as a mental illness by WHO in 1978? Were there also gay people inside WHO who voted?” Gay people have penetrated all international bodies to their advantage; they are the ones in all important places/positions because of their political agenda. Editors of national newspapers, TV chiefs… Remember I told you they have a very clear vision, mission and strategies.

“In the early 1950s, feminists didn’t support Playboy but of late lesbians have penetrated the feminist movement. All the things they rejected in the 1950s are the things they are advocating for today. Feminism embraces sexual freedoms today and yet they condemned it before. You have to be very careful of women here who are joining the women’s movement… You have to avoid being recruited into lesbianism—a retreat from men because of abuse or family dysfunction. You have talked to people who are extremists and go on to change their God-given design because they think God made a mistake and gave them wrong bodies. What do you think about that? God cannot make a mistake and give you a wrong body when he created you in his own image. I don’t want you to dehumanise these people, they just need help because they have a gender disorder.”, Lively answered.

“Let gays remain as they long as they don’t try to change the world.”, Lively continued. “The gay movement is using pornography to corrupt society into being pro-gay and when you don’t accept it they call you a homophobe. Tolerance has a limit. The gay movement wants you to accept them and when you refuse they say you are a homophobe. Right now people around the world are writing all these hate emails and articles about me being a homophobe, so what should I call them for not tolerating me?”

“They are homosexuals among us updating their networks about what we are discussing. What should we do about that?”—an angry participant asked. “If they are homosexuals here, feel at home.”, responded a facilitator. “We are not against you. We love you. But if you have been planning to get us, we are planning to get you back.”

“Don’t fight the people but fight the movement…..what does that mean?”—a participant asked. “Don’t fight gays because you will lose, just compete with them. If you are fighting gays just go home now.”, Lively said in a very assertive tone. “They have a vision for the future and they wont stop and they operate at a high level here. Like the court case last year. They will always refer to that case for all gay cases in Uganda. That’s what they will do. They will come to your company and ask for a job and if you refuse they will sue you for discrimination. Some will not disclose, but after you hire them they will come out and make you fire them and then they sue you. Heterosexuality is superior for a formal society.”