February 2015

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UGANDA: “Where Do We Go For Justice?”

A Report launched on February 27th, 2015 in Kampala – Uganda by Chapter Four Uganda, a Ugandan Civil Liberties Organisation working to protect civil liberties & promoting Human Rights for all.

This report highlights cases of intrusive non-consensual and inhumane anal examinations, in-cell abuse of sexual minorities, media parading of victims in the face of increased risks in the society, use of criminal charges for extortions and blackmail and other grave violations.

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USA: Harvard University Announces Portrait Exhibition of Women Inspiring Change

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Harvard Law and International Development Society and the Harvard Women’s Law Association are hosting the 2nd Annual Harvard Law School International Women’s Day Portrait Exhibit.

The exhibit features inspiring women working in the fields of law and policy and will line the first and second floors of Wasserstein Hall from March 1st-14th.

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Amnesty International Report 2014/15: The State of the World’s Human Rights

The POMA was used in the first quarter of 2014 to disperse peaceful assemblies organized as part of the Free and Fair Elections Now campaign and arrest political activists. Often, those arrested were not charged. In April, the Free and Fair Elections Now campaign steering team held a meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs. The police did not interrupt subsequent rallies convened by the group. On 26 February, police declared illegal and dispersed a peaceful protest organized by the End Miniskirt Harassment Coalition outside the National Theatre in the capital, Kampala.

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Global: A Transgender person is being murdered every 29 hours. Can you stop killing us for just one week?

Photo Cooper Holland, event creator

A trans woman is slain every 29 hours yet we make up less than 1% of the world’s population. TransGendercide is taking place. Certain segments of society have declared war on us and we are dying at a rate that endangers the existence of our very community. Almost every day of 2015, the transgender community worldwide wakes to news of yet another trans woman slain. It’s become nearly unbearable for everyone and has taken a severe toll on transgender journalists.

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UNITED STATES: State Department Appoints Head of LGBTI Envoy

We join the US in welcoming the newly appointed LGBTI envoy. It’s not going to be easy inviting Mr. Berry to countries where human rights of LGBTI people are not respected. However, it’s a step in the right direction. Eventually, countries such as Uganda will have to respect their partners’ foreign policies if they are to have great relations. I look forward to working with Mr. Berry.

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SOUTH AFRICA: PAI is recruiting an Office Coordinator (Johannesburg)

Deadline for applications is March 5th, 2015! Click here to download the job description and here for the application pack  This is an exciting new position at the office of Pan Africa ILGA in Johannesburg. In coordination with the Board of Pan Africa ILGA and with the Executive Director of ILGA, the post holder will be responsible for […]

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NIGERIA: Safe House – House Of Rainbow in danger of closing.

Since March 2012, House Of Rainbow has provided a Safe House for the safety and protection of persecuted LGBT people in Nigeria. The work by the House became more poignant in the rise of violence against LGBT persons since January 2014.

The house is in Danger of closing down by 31st March 2015

Since 2012, we have provided emergency accommodation to LGBT people. We continue to maintain a safe place for those who needed somewhere when there is violence and or crisis at their homes or communities based on SOGI.

We need your HELP NOW to save this project.

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CBC Interview: Out and proud in Uganda

(ISAAC KASAMANI/AFP/Getty Images) Being gay in Uganda can mean alienation from your family and society. It can mean getting expelled from school or losing your job. It can get you arrested, beaten, or even killed. Homosexual activity is illegal in the country, and the government has even considered a bill to execute gays. But in the face […]