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New avenues for information sharing

KAMPALA: The Ugandan LGBTI community does not run out of ideas in creating avenues to reach out to its community and more so to the wider society.This is one form of forging ways to create attitude change but also a way to educate the  misinformed society about LGBTI community.

Here is the latest to raise awareness about the health issues of Men who have sex with Men/ (MSM)


By Moses Kimbugwe:

Dear Partners,

With your help and continued support, Spectrum Uganda Initiatives now has a new website.

Because we have been without a website for some time, I want to extend my sincere thanks to all individuals and partners who have made this possible and have continued to believe in us and the work of Spectrum Uganda Initiatives.

We at Spectrum Uganda are immensely grateful for the support you have given us in various ways, which has allowed us to keep up the work and the vision we started with many years ago. Even in today’s hostile environment, we have continued to provide access to health services, litigation support, and counseling for gay men, other men who have sex with men (MSM), and transgender individuals.

We reaffirm our loyalty to the this community as we continue to advocate for the right of men having sex with men and transgender men to have access to health services and to live in dignity.

Supporting Spectrum Uganda remains important work for me, even from afar, so I am proud that this project has been achieved just a few months after the launch of a toll-free helpline.

We believe that this website will help people understand our work even better than before. We urge you all to keep your spirits up and never falter.

As you join us in this launch, kindly consider making a generous donation through our donate link on the website. As you do so, think of how many people you will give a better chance of staying healthy and living to see another day. Think of how many people you will be providing with a meal before, during or after medication. Think of how many you will help provide access to mental health services.

On this note, I am proud to announce the launch of the new Spectrum Uganda Initiatives website:

Aluta continua