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Attention to all LGBTI organisations




 Kuchu Times(KT)  is a new Media Initiative that has been formed by activists belonging to different Ugandan LGBTI organisations to create a platform for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex community in Uganda and Africa; a platform where we hope to bring about change through our struggles for equality and freedom by sharing, educating and informing the huge diverse Ugandan and African communities.

The media platform consists of a Radio, Television , Website and an interactive forum where day to day lived realities are shared as well as have debates, discussions, stories, and entertainment movies and educative documentaries.

It  also acts as a key source of information on LGBTI lives/situation in Uganda and Africa for all our allies, scholars, students, families and friends, researchers, community and well-wishers. KT in future aims to serve as a continental centre for information on all LGBTI work and projects.

KT has coming up with new innovations since times have changed especially with the formation of several social media platforms.We  hope that this platform will draw the attention of many anti-gay groups whom we hope to teach a thing or two about the struggles of LGBTI people and communities and finally impact a positive attitude change.

Homosexuality is illegal and the sharing of information on LGBTI issues is punishable by law in many African nations, which has further heightened homophobia on the continent. Spaces for dialogue and awareness rising have been closed or censored in the past and we believe that this platform is a big step towards providing the community with an opportunity to share their views through main stream media.

This platform will also minimize on the physical security threats and violent incidents.We are not a NEWS BREAKING media platform we are here instead to give the voiceless a voice in the hope that personal stories will be a start to changing violent attitudes towards the LGBTI persons.

Our website  has been formulated to carry a folder named organizations with the idea that different LGBTI organizations in Uganda/Africa could be linked to our website. This would make all organization profiles and relevant information easily available to those that would be in need of them.

Please note that we are NOT looking for anything more than creating visibility of your organization by including your information in the organizations’ folder on our website and giving your members a platform to freely express themselves.

Kuchu times is neither a service provider nor organization, we are simply a media initiative creating a platform for telling lgbti stories and source for information. A media initiative created to bridge the gap that is missing in the LGBTI struggle. It is time to reclaim the media by telling our own stories.

We hope that once you have visited our website and seen the number of growing users, you will be willing to provide us with your information and a positive response allowing us to carry your organization profile.

Please feel free to get back to us through contacts on our site with any queries on this; we do appreciate your input.

Aluta Continua

Kasha Jacqueline