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Ghana Reportedly on Its Way to Decriminalising Homosexuality

Ghana Reportedly on Its Way to Decriminalising Homosexuality

By Editor

News coming in from Ghana might be the first ray of hope to the entire continent as recent developments point to the country being on its way to legalizing homosexuality. According to the West African nation’s Chief Psychiatrist Dr Kwasi Osei, who is on record as having termed homosexuality an abnormality that can be cured, Ghana may soon recognize sexual minorities as well as decriminalize them.

Sadly though, Dr Kwasi says homosexuality might be legalized due to the western pressure Ghana is experiencing and the government might be left with no choice but to recognize sexual minorities.

The government is said to have been put under pressure due to the rising number of HIV infections within the LGBTI community and how little was being done to halt the spread of the scourge. Critics say the Ghanaian government may be caving for fear of losing funding from western states.

In the past, several people within the LGBTI community have been arrested on grounds of engaging in homosexual activities, something that is punishable by law. Lynching is a also a familiar practice in Ghana as people normally take matters into their hands and stone/beat up people suspected of being gay.

West Africa is one of the most homophobic areas in Africa with Nigeria having based its recently concluded elections on the LGBTI issue. Neighboring Cameroon was last year reported to have been undergoing an anti homosexuality apartheid and a number of people imprisoned for being gay have died while serving jail time.

Hopefully, with one of the most homophobic nations in Africa taking a step to decriminalizing homosexuality, others will pick a leaf and follow suit.