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What God Has Put Together.Let No Man Put Asunder

What God Has Put Together, Let No Man Put Asunder

The world might not fully comprehend gay relationships but LGBTI people continue to go about their lives as normal as can be, despite all the hurdles in their way. They love, they fight, and like all normal relationships, they dream of eventually walking down the aisle and living happily in marital bliss.

In the communiqué below, a besotted woman openly declares her love for her better half. She shares the inner depth of their relationship and the events that have been highlights in their lives. Without holding back her inner reservations, the writer wears her heart on her sleeve and lets us into the world of a happy lesbian couple.


By Marissa:

My dear princess Joan; the woman of my dreams!

The blessings of 2015 came with an electric wave that threw my body into excitement. My electrons went up to the highest energy level. I smelt the best cologne of my life, inhaled the freshest breathe air can ever give, I held myself so tight like I was holding my newly born baby. I listened to my heart pound in admiration and my mind relaxed like I was dead!

The comfort that filled my soul was unending. I met the woman of my dreams! Joan you suit the girl Allah promised me in the Quran, the one I would meet in paradise. I am proud to have met you when my lips can still open to cleanse yours  with my tongue, as I kiss your cute complete refreshing  mouth; when my arms can hold you like flowers picked from the Eden; when my nose can inhale  your fresh breathe and your beautiful cologne.

My sweetness, I met you, when I could pronounce it loud; you the love of my life, when I can write it down; I love you Joan! When Shakespeare wrote the word ‘compatibility’, he meant you and I! You are the rib God stole from me to make me a companion; you are the true definition of beauty. One needs divine intervention to catch up with your beauty built from within.

There are those cold, lousy, ugly and boring mornings that I succumb to, when I want to stretch but keep my blanket just on for an extra minute, when I feel lazy to even pick my calls.  Your call just strengthens me to get my laptop bag on my back as I stretch my body to work. You are the reason I work hardest and smartest for I need to meet the reminders that come by every day. I feel proud to listen to you remind me of your upkeep, your hair and airtime bills, your lunch and transport costs!

You keep me watchful of my finances, for I know my 24 year old baby waits for my provision. You are the reason I have concentrated harder, you the reason I smile more than usual, you are the reason for my happiness. Your make me blush, your constant messages on my cell phone give me butterflies in my tummy!

The happiness you bring to me is suicidal.  Where were you? When I was bouncing my heart  around, when I longed to press the right button but I missed it!  I love the support you render me as I make the most serious decisions of my life. I have transformed from short lived decisions  because with you, I live and plan for the future.

The final tuning and furnishing that you put on my plans and decisions make me visualize the future. If I didn’t work to provide for you, then I would feel worthless! I work just for you and I, our future, our life, our happiness.

When life treats me to its disgrace, those moments when I feel empty, when my plight is gone  and all I count are my misfortunes, when I want to cry but my tears can’t console me, when I  want to pray but God isn’t near enough to listen to my cry! Your words soothe me with the encouragement and shield that I need. I feel stronger when you push me to doing what seems undoable to me for you always remind me how proud you are of me. You are the fuel that keeps me moving! You are my courage, my strength, my shield, my fuel, my energy.

I can’t forget the  discipline that you instill in me, knowing I have to get home early enough to spend my time with you, you teach me new things my ability felt too hard to grasp; with you my princess I am a  better cook, with you I can do laundry by myself, with you I am fully improved. You treat me like a baby, when you carry me on your laps and feed me with your home made delicious food, when you bathe me and make me feel special.

I had to lie to those my heart played hide and seek with, for am sure, I have never had such a feeling, I am sure my heart hasn’t loved like this before. Your sweetness is felt the most when I engulf my hands around your body, holding you closest to my little curved body with my baby fingers, you call them! The scent of your breathe throws me into unending happiness.

The caterpillar motions I slide you into as I plant my tongue on your nipples triggers me to confessing my sins. The air you breathe into my ears as you mourn my name loud, the sound of your mourning voice penetrates my interior like a double edged sword. My vision is blinded by the sight of your naked body, I imagine my hands slicing you into Pieces with my baby hands, and I stare in amusement while I smile unconsciously.

Your breathing rhythm follows my touch as I navigate your adrenaline filled body with my strong muscle of a tongue. The melting my fingers cause to your honey pot gets me to my boiling point.  The blending we share while under our sheets keeps me faithful like a believer. You get me to sighing and snake like hissing as I you appreciate me for the work well done! I promise, I won’t need any other.

Honey pie, you are sweetest thing God created for me, you are the  nectar the flowers carry for the bees. I love to pollinate your pot with my love. I promise to hold your hand while crossing the road, carry your bag like it is mine and believe in you like my mother.  I will have you for the rest of my time.

Joan, I can’t wait for us to confess our unending love to our parents, friends and families. If it weren’t for this homophobic society, I would have loved to do it now for tomorrow may never come. Having met someone as beautiful as you, what more do I need? I see myself start a family with you, I see us raise our two sons as pretty as their mother! The perfection that composes you, I can’t keep it to myself anymore!

Joan will you marry me?