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Dates for Beach Pride Uganda Officially Announced in Newly Released Statement



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Preparations for the annual Beach Pride are officially underway after the organising committee announced the dates for this year’s event. The event in its fourth year is scheduled for 5th-9th August under the theme “We are family.”

Like all Pride events across the globe, this year’s affair is channeled to celebrating the identity of Kuchus as well as giving them a sense of belonging.

In related news, Kasha Jaqueline who helped put together the first three Pride events between 2012 and 2014 has this year stepped down from her role as Chief Coordinator giving way to a new committee. In a letter announcing her resignation from pride organization, she said she was glad she had been  a part of the team that  made Pride a reality and it was time for her to pave way for other members of the community to take over.

Below is the press statement

Press statement for immediate release

Pride Uganda Committee 2015 Press Statement

Proudly announces the fourth annualPrideUganda 2015

Kampala UgandaFriday 24thApril 2015–Pride is an annual international celebration of the lives, achievements and movements of the Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex persons in Uganda. It is held every year within the calendar months of July and August. We are proud to announce the fourth annual Pride Uganda celebrations. This year’s Pride Uganda is focused on the theme ‘WE ARE FAMILY’. The theme was seconded as part of the vision to realize a sense of belonging, pride, unity and harmony within the LGBTI community in Uganda, and;to bring together the LGBTI community in Uganda to celebrate their sexual orientation and gender identity. It is scheduled to take place on 5th– 9th August 2015.

The Committee wishes to build alliances and connect with individuals as a family through activities characterized by exhibition of LGBTI organizational work, accessibility of comprehensive health care, reproductive health, safe sex education and peer support, music, dance, drama, entertainment, talent show, competitive activities, sports and cultural performances.  The highlight/peak event will be the pride parade, which will encompass a solidarity march by LGBTI individuals and their family members, organizations and allies. This year’s activities achieve nothing less than unity and support amongst the LGBTI communities and allies. It will also uniquely bring closer the LGBTI allies and support systems for an improved referral pathway.

“With the passing of the AHA in 2013, many LGBTI members were forced to flee the country some continue to seek asylum and those that have remained have been left in disarray, Pride Uganda 2015 is to remind us all that family is the core of our being and we are here to affirm that by celebrating our diversity together”, said Richard Lusimbo Committee Member Pride Uganda 2015

Pride Uganda 2015 will be a week long with events clearly reflecting the thematic concept of bringing the community together as ‘one’. An exhibition will be conducted to give space to LGBTI organizationsand allies to show case their works and talents of activism. It will also give opportunity for awareness rising to all persons on issues like safety, health, advocacy and rights, all centering the LGBTI movement in Uganda. The exhibition will take place concurrent with the programmatic activities.

Pride Uganda 2015 Committee would like to humbly appeal to all for support in preparation of what we hope to be an inclusively unifying event.

We welcome any financial and technical donation in solidarity.


Aluta Continua…

For more information contact

The Pride Uganda Committee 2015

+256782612972 or +256782773194