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President Obama to Declare His Support against Treatments that are Administered to Turn Gay People Straight

President Obama to Declare His Support against Treatments that are Administered to Turn Gay People Straight

By Editor

It is a practice that has affected most LGBTIQ people across the globe. On coming out, most families struggle to accept their loved ones’ sexuality and some are known to have sought treats; from religious interventions, witchcraft, therapy and in some extreme cases, hospitalization. Do these treatments work, the answer is NO!

Most people will go back in the closet for fear of continued persecution and gruesome ‘treatments’ to cure homosexuality, they opt to live a lie rather than have the world taunt them for who they are

This week, The US President will now be speaking out on such treatments and a White House source this week revealed that Obama  publicly declare his support to ban all reparative, alteration and ex gay therapies being administered especially to minors. Such treatments have been proven to be both unsuccessful and psychologically detrimental.

The said treatments are believed to be one way of changing turning gay people straight but all they have done is create a more closeted society as well as fear and depression of the affected individuals.

In Uganda and Africa as a whole, many people within the LGBTIQ community have been subjected to these therapies as society continues to believe that homosexuality is unnatural and can be cured.

“I was hospitalized for three months and my parents ordered that I could have no visitors. A friend of theirs had convinced that that secluding me would overtime turn me heterosexual. I left hospital but was still not allowed visitors for a very long time. Almost a year later, they realized their plan was not going to work. I was depressed, missed my girlfriend and friends and eventually became suicide have not fully accepted who I am but they are slowly coming around. Every day without them denouncing, I consider a step to them finally understanding that my sexuality does not define my humanity,” Angel, a lesbian in Uganda intimated.

Such incidences are common a scenario allover Africa; something that has greatly affected the liberation of the LGBTIQ community. President Barack Obama is on record as a supporter of gay rights and same sex marriages.