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The Woman I Am- One that Transcends all Norm and Expectation

The Woman I Am- One that Transcends all Norm and Expectation

By our Correspondent

I am the kind of woman who proudly associates with happiness; in Uganda we say “sagala stress”! I know the cost of stress and early aging isn’t my portion. I care to laugh whenever I can and choose not to frown. I live a life that brings out the happy ends of me. I eat healthy, sleep enough, have plenty of sex, cry when necessary (to clean my eyes of course), I don’t smoke any drug nor drink any alcohol; I live a pretty happy life style!

I am not the kind of woman who will wear a plastic smile nor smile for the weather! You can read my feelings right from my face. The only wrinkles and pimples I have on my face are the honesty and openness I carry in my soul!

I am the kind of woman who dresses for comfort; no high heels to strain my muscles but comfortable snickers to support my gait; bouncing they call it. No tight jeans; for I love my curvy body! I am the king of woman who will dress for comfort not smartness. I am not the kind of woman who will wear makeup and rear my nails long and sharp like weapons of mass destruction; neither do I see the need to paint them.

The only justice I do to them is ship them to the saloon for trimming every weekend. I leak my lips often to keep them fresh and watery; this keeps me articulate while passing on my communication. I won’t underline my eyes with eye shadow but I open them wide as I make my sentiments known. I use my eyes, tongue and lips to command the respect I deserve plus the intonation of the deep sound produced by the Adam’s apple keeps my plot well sequenced.

I am the kind of woman who treasures time; I will run, walk fastest or fly by the wind to catch up with an engagement. I will timely honor all my appointments. I am not the kind of woman who will snail pace through a journey just to keep my feminine stature! My five minutes are indeed five or less! My boy friends love me for this. I am not the kind of woman who requires reminding or waiting for, I would rather wait for you.

I am the kind of woman whose hair is naturally mine, I am original and my natural dreadlocks fall behind my neck! I hold the pride of being truly myself, the African woman I am! I am not the kind of woman who carries imported hair! I know its cost of weekly maintenance it requires plus visiting the drier, I don’t like practicing for hell! I won’t spend a minute in the mirror styling my hair; a single passing of my fingers in my head makes me neat enough and ready to go!

I am the kind of woman who is ready for any challenge; I am comfortable carrying my luggage, I can fix my broken cables, pipes and taps, I will fix my car tire and fight my own battles. I love things done by my hands. I am not the kind of woman who will look on waiting for someone to help me fix my problem; I will try myself before making an alarm. I can take care of all my bills without any help; I work hard to keep my wallet smiling. I love to harvest from my efforts. I am an independent woman.

I am the kind of woman who loves to speak out my mind eloquently till I am understood. I will carefully articulate my point till it is understood, I won’t shut my mouth or be bullied to subscribing to a school of thought I don’t love to relate with.

The men don’t love arguing with me for I won’t let them win just because they are men. I am not the kind of woman who will naturally be submissive to a man simply because he has a piece of long rod in between his legs! He has to back his argument with scientific reasoning and maturity to get me to fall for his opinion. They refer to me as a big headed girl who isn’t marriage material.

I refer to them as boys who haven’t evolved to cope up with the emancipation era. I am the kind of woman who will nurse a woman with a lot of tenderness. I love to say; I have a soft spot for women! I love to treat them with a lot of care like flourishing buds.

I however relate with men so diligently; we play, think alike, argue and also gossip together. The men and I are alike; I am the kind of woman who the boys love to call their big sister!  They call me a tom boy; for I walk, talk and act like a man. I may not pass the test of femininity but I love the woman I am. The curves my body carries are the only markers that make me come close to being called a woman. The confidence and energy I have make me less of an ordinary woman.  I am a lesbian, I am a stud, and I am a proud African woman! I love the woman in me!