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Kasha Jacqueline Named One of the Grand Marshals for the 2015 New York Pride March

By: Our Correspondent

The organisers of New York Pride today announced this year’s Grand Marshals for the annual Pride march. The 2015 listed marshals include Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Ian McKellen, both openly gay English actors currently co-starring in the PBS series “Vicious.”

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera
Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera

Sir Jacobi is most known for his roles in ‘The Kings Speech’ and ‘Gladiator’ and Sir Mckellen has starred as Magneto in box office hit ‘XMen’, Lord of the Rings as well as Hobbit.

J Christopher Neal, a New York based artist and founder of FluidBiDesign, an advocacy group for fluid men of African descent has been listed as this year’s third Grand Marshal.

On the list also is one of Uganda’s leading LGBTI rights advocates, Jacqueline Kasha Nabagesera. Kasha is the one of the founders of the Pride celebration in Uganda and has fought tirelessly and selflessly for the rights of LGBTI persons in Uganda and Africa.

In a statement released by the organisers of the 2015 NYC Pride, March Director David Studinski said, “Our Marshals demonstrate advocacy on drastically different stages, but all with the same goal in mind. No matter where they work their words, they give voice to the ongoing narrative of our civil rights battle. Pride is a global movement, and these individuals remind us that even with great progress made, much remains before we complete the dream.”

This year, the 2015 NYC Pride celebrates the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality expected to be announced in June. It will also recognize not only local but also worldwide community achievements and the need to continue the struggle under the theme “Complete The Dream.”

The event is expected to attract over two million people from across the globe to celebrate sexual minorities.