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Ugandan Lesbian Granted Asylum in UK

By: Ruth Muganzi

Judith Twikirize PHOTO CREDIT:
Judith Twikirize

In December last year, a petition to stop the deportation of Uganda lesbian Judith Twikirize from UK was started online after she was detained at Yarlswood Dentition Center and the process for her deportation kicked off. The then 23 year old Twikirize feared she would face prosecution as well as deal with discrimination and homophobic attacks if she came back home.

Having been a victim of torturous exorcism in the hope of combating her sexual orientation, Twikirize prayed that she would not be subjected to undergoing more torture at the hands of her own countrymen. And her prayers have been answered; as the UK government has finally granted her safe heaven.

“It’s been a struggle, but God has done it for me. I now can have the freedom that I have never had before since my childhood. I want to thank each and every one that supported and prayed for me, the organisations that were there for me mostly Out and Proud Diamond Group, the media news that helped bring the truth to the public, plus all the people that signed my petition to stop me from being deported. God bless you all,” said in a phone statement to Pink News.

Armed with the scars and psychological pain from the exorcism, 24 year old Twikirize says she is glad the ordeal is  over and can’t wait to embarks on a healing journey  as well as rebuild her life from scratch.

  • My dear Ugandan rainbow sisters and brothers, I hold you all in my loving heart!
    I have blogged many articles about your struggle. I congratulate you on Pride 2015.
    I liken Hitler’s “Final Solution” (exterminating Jews) to your President signing the hateful and homophobic bill.
    Know that we are watching these UNChristians.
    Once again, any Ugandan can go to world-wide scientific sites (Associations of Psychiatrists/Psychologists) and read the following: “Homosexuality is not a disease, mental illness or perversion. It cannot be reversed, hence it is NOT a choice.”
    Christians need to read the Parable of the Good Samaritan, where Jesus picks the hate hated of his society – the Samaritans – and he places the “Good” Samaritan above the two religious priests in the story.
    Many biblically ignorant Christians quote Paul and his remarks about “unnatural practises” and link them with homosexuality. Paul’s first mission was to ‘convert’ pagans in Greece and Rome to the ‘true God.’ He wanted to wean them away from pagan temple prostitution where sex with all was the norm. It was thought the goddess blessed the variety of sex that would include what we now term ‘homosexuality’ bi-sexuality and heterosexuality.
    Paul was stating that if a heterosexual had sex with a person of the ‘same sex’ that was going against his/her nature.

  • Oh, I should add that I am so proud that Uganda lesbian Judith Twikirize has been granted asylum in the U.K.
    This was the prime purpose of visiting your site, but I also typed my praise for 2015 Pride.

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