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A Ugandan Transman on the Forthcoming PRIDE

By: Ruth Muganzi

Like many LGBTI persons in Uganda, Arthur Mubiru, a transgender person is excited about the forthcoming Pride. He is not shy to share his beliefs and thoughts on issues concerning sexual minorities as well as make a call against homo and transphobia in Uganda.

Arthur stresses that Pride is a significant event to not only himself but also the LGBTI community as a whole because it allows them to celebrate who they are, appreciate the freedoms they have however little they may be and is also a great opportunity to interact with people who have the same experience and difficulties.

He notes that the event has expanded since it started about four years ago and people are beginning to bring their heterosexual family and friends to the event. Such baby steps indicate that the public is beginning to embrace LGBTI persons and the struggle to have their rights respected is not in vain.

Arthur is not the only one looking forward to Pride, the LGBTI community is over the moon and the Kuchu Times family cannot wait to join in as celebrations of equality and diversity take root.
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