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Partners in Law Development Release new Posters Addressing Sexual Harassment

By Our Correspondent

PLD 2 ENGLISH  [web]

In its continued struggle to eliminate violence against women, Partners for Law in Development (PLD) has developed a set of two posters, both available in Hindi and English, on sexual harassment of women at the workplace.

The first addresses common myths and corresponding facts relating to workplace harassment and the law. The second provides a brief overview of the content of the legislation, and answers common questions such as what sexual harassment is and what can be done for its redress.

The posters are written in a simple language to make them easily comprehensible even to persons without a legal background and are attractive in appearance. PLD is dedicated to advancing social justice and women’s rights through law.

On their website, PLD is described as a legal resource group committed to the realization of social justice and equality for all women. They believe that the attainment of women’s equality is integral to the pursuit of social justice; and rights are necessary means by which discrimination and marginalisation be challenged, and equality facilitated.

PDL promotes  the realisation of women’s rights and social justice through development of capacities on human rights and women’s equality through training programmes, perspective development, information dissemination and platforms for sharing and exchange, creation of knowledge resources through research and monitoring to understand how law impacts lives of women and their access to justice; and through production of information, education and communication resources as well as advocacy for law and policy reform.

PLD has worked in Asia, Africa and South America. The newly published posters are useful for women, service-providers, employers and the general public, to put a new legislation into practice. They also enable employers to discharge their statutory obligations on building awareness and information dissemination among their workers on the new law. To place an order, please mail us at Please specify which of the two posters you require, the language (Hindi or English) and the quantity.