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Church Suspends Five over Allegations of Homosexuality

churchBy George Barasa

Five married Clergymen from the Anglican Church of Kenya, Nyeri Diocese have been suspended by the ACK Tribunal on allegations of engaging and practicing homosexuality with members of their congregation. The accused are said to

have convinced the minors to engage in same sex relations in return for a ‘good life’ as reported by one of the young men claiming to be a victim.

Both the ‘victims’ and the accused have not had their identities revealed pending investigations by the ACK Tribunal.  However, this has sparked discussion on whether this is a legitimate case or if the accused in fact ever committed the offence.

The ACK church refuses to accept that there is a possibility of consensual sex between the involved parties. Critics have also argued that while the clergy men are being accused of luring the young men into homosexuality, there is a possibility that if the said parties knew their stand and mutually agreed to engage in what is now being referred to as a crime.

Also, there has been argument that there could have been some sort of agreement between the two parties with money even exchanging hands. “This would bring into play sex work in the church, a reality they would rather blind themselves too and instead blame this whole incident on people that simply engaged in consensual sexual relations,” one of the critics of the Church on LGBTI issues told Kuchu Times.

The Tribunal has also failed to differentiate between homosexuality and pedophilia. In the case that there were minors involved, the case at hand would be pedophilia but the church continues to peddle stories of homosexuality rather than tackling the actual problem at hand.

However, only one clergyman has come out to deny the allegations while the call for those who were abused still stands. He gravely denied the accusations put forward against him and said this was a case of blackmail and defamation.

ACK is lead by Archbishop Eliud Wabukala who has since differed with the mother church on homosexuality and women issues. Nyeri has been in the spotlight lately after the County Commissioner announced a crackdown on gay sex workers; a move that is said to have resulted into the arrest of 12 gay men in Majengo slum.

jojibaro is a Kenyan HIV+ LGBTi Gospel Artist and Activist based in Nairobi Kenya

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