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FARUG introduces The Flag, an Interactive Monthly Talk Show that Seeks to Address Issues that affect the LGBTI community

IMG_2713Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG), the oldest Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender organisation in the country has made its mark in the sexual and gender minorities’ community with its economic and social empowerment programmes as well as the legal aid availed to its members when and if necessary.

The twelve year old organisation has now introduced a new monthly programme aimed at addressing all issues and queries, as experienced by the LBT community.

The new programme, dubbed The Flag had its inaugural talk show in August with over thirty members in attendance. Medical experts from Mulago Hospital based MARPI  (Most At Risk Populations Initiative) were readily at hand as they took the gathering through some of the issues that most affect both sexual and gender minorities.  Discussed were genital herpes, HIV, Herpatitis B, breast and cervical cancer; their warning signs and symptoms, respective treatments and how these diseases can be prevented.


FARUG’S in-house medical expert together with the MARPI medics also conducted a counseling session as well as free HIV testing. There was also a session on issues that specifically affect transgender men where packing and binding were tackled at length.

“The Flag was an idea I perceived during one of FARUG’s social Fridays; during these events, our members normally share their views and ideas in regard to the topic being discussed. On this particular evening as the discussion was underway, I realised that the openness and diversity of the ideas would make a great show. I thought it would shade better light on LGBTI rights as a whole. Basically, this show is meant to look at LGBTI  persons as they go about their day to day activities be it in health, sports, church,  in their homes, name it,” Gloria , a member of FARUG and the master mind of the show said of The Flag.