LGBTI Youth Group Branches into Wine Production to Counter Poverty Problem

ainrainnIn an effort to beat poverty and rise from the stigma that comes with being an LGBTI identifying youth in Uganda, Rainbow Mirrors an organization that was initially formed as a drama group has branched out into wine production.

The wine is manufactured by members of the organization who are mostly transgender women. According to one of the organisation’s members, the wine which has been named Rainbow Wines is made from natural ingredients. She also revealed that the members who are involved in the wine production project have undergone intense training in the process and the wine is a product whose quality will shock the community and country at large.

The barely one year old organization is now appealing to the LGBTI community to support them by purchasing the wine that is to be formally launched soon. They have also organized a wine making workshop that is open to community members and those interested can take art by contacting them through their face book page.

Rainbow Mirrors started off with a total of 25 registered members who mainly used drama, poetry and music as their main advocacy tools. They held their first production titled ‘Behind the Closet’ on 10th December 2015 as a means to raise funds for the young drama group.

The whole idea for Rainbow Mirrors came about after the realization that the majority of LGBTI identifying youths were either dropping out of school or unemployed yet they were immensely talented. Abdul Jamal, the organisation’s leader then realized that if they came together and put their talents to use, they could earn a decent living as well as be able to advocate for their rights while changing attitudes at the same time.

These youngsters continue to defy the notion that Uganda’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex youth are majorly lazy, self-pitying individuals and if their progress is anything to go by, it is clear to see they will be making a major difference in this community