FARUG Revives Movie Nights to Educate and Inspire LBTI Community

5FREEDOM AND ROAM UGANDA (FARUG) has revamped its movie nights as a strategy for unity in the LBTI community in Uganda.  At this month’s social Friday (usually held every last Friday of the month), members from Uganda’s LBTI community were treated to “Loving Anabelle” and “Inescapable” both focusing on lesbian love.

FARUG, through social Friday normally organizes educative programs focusing on different essential issues like health, human rights, personal security, love, relationships and counseling. The monthly event has also seen members share their real life experiences and mingle to wash away the month-long stress.

Due to the emphasis on the mentioned areas, the FARUG administration realised there was a need to incorporate entertainment into their social Friday program; a realsisation that gave birth to the idea of movie nights.

Kuchu Times talked to Gloriah, the Communications Officer at FARUG about what this move meant to LBTI fraternity and she had this to say, “A picture is worth a thousand words. FARUG as a team felt that in this era of social/visual media and publicity, the community could use films and documentaries to educate as well as get information and inspiration on the Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex (LBTI) and women having sex with women (WSW) people in Uganda.”

She further added that visual media is a very powerful way to capture people’s attention because people love entertainment and thus the need to adopt it and use it as a tool to disseminate information. “We intend to show movies, short clips as well as documentaries, all based on whatever theme will be highlighted for that particular social Friday,” Gloria concluded

“This is a good way of socializing and also enables us to watch movies we can’t freely view from our homes. They also help us to learn more about the movement and encourage the community to tell their stories through acting,” Joanitah Nkali the Executive Director of FARUG explained to Kuchu Times

Freedom and Roam Uganda has been at the fore front of fighting for the rights of LGBTI people in Uganda and through its various projects and campaigns, many community members have been mentored and gained skills in leadership, project planning, advocacy skills, economic empowerment and as well the social wellbeing aspect.