Five LGBTI Identifying Kenyans Drag State to Court over Discriminatory Laws


Five homosexuals, including a Kisumu based priest, have moved to court over discriminatory acts against them based on their sexual orientation.

The homosexuals, together with two lobby groups – Gay and Lesbians Coalition of Kenya and  Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley network – and the Kenya Human Rights Commission have sued the state.

They allege that they constantly face discrimination and arrests since Section 162(a)(c) and 165 of the Constitution penalizes consensual sexual acts between two adults of the same sex.

This section of the law stipulates that homosexuals are found guilty of felony and are liable to five years imprisonment. But the homosexuals have said the section is contrary to international laws that protect minorities.

They also claim that they have been denied access to quality healthcare services in the country purely on the basis of their sexual orientation.

They are demanding for the highest attainable standard of health for sexual gender minorities in the country.

They further want the state be directed to develop policies as well as adopt practices prohibiting discrimination on them in the health sector.

Adapted from nairobinews