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OPPORTUNITY: Job Opening for Programs Manager

GINGlobal Interfaith Network for People of All Sexes, Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Expressions

Organisation Description

GIN is pleased to announce the recruitment of a Programs Manager.

The successful candidate will gain a unique opportunity to play a key role in the development of an emerging network, striving for a just world in which the dignity, faith, spirituality, and human rights of persons of all sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions are honoured, supported and protected.

As an emerging faith-based global network, we seek to build the capacity of our members to engage in dialogue with religious leaders, collaborate with faith-based and secular organisations and individuals, build capacity and develop resources to achieve legal and cultural advancement, and amplify faith-based voices on SSOGIE issues in the media and Human Right fields.

Position Description

Hours: Full Time Position. No other employment is permitted.

Pay: ZAR 30 – 36 000 per month plush health benefits, dependent on experience

Travel: up to 30% travel may be required

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

We seek to employ a Programs Manager with strong leadership in membership engagement, social media communications, program design and implementation, and working within the parameters of grant contracts.

The successful candidate will have:

at least four years of program management that engages members as volunteers and builds their capacity as social justice leaders

  • strong speaking and written communication skills that marry political analysis with community-oriented education
  • comfort with engaging in faith-based organising and/or spiritual communities
  • highly developed communication skills in English (other languages will be an advantage)
  • relevant education at minimum bachelor’s level (e.g. theology, business administration, NGO management) or equivalent experience
  • specific experience at grant management, documentation, and reporting
  • working knowledge of some formal human rights mechanisms, such as the United Nations or the Organisation of American States

In addition, ordination or training within any world religion would be an advantage. As GIN-SSOGIE is a network of and for people of all sexes, sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions, identifying as a member of this community would likely increase your expertise in our field. Women, intersex and trans-identified people, non-Christians and people from the Global South are particularly encouraged to apply.

The position will be based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The successful applicant will need to arrange their own work permits. The salary will be competitive with South African NGO standards.

NOTE: You must have or be able to attain a valid visa for South Africa.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Program Manager is deeply committed to GIN’s vision and mission, and their primary role is to ensure that GIN supports the capacity development of its members and implements programming that meets both our grant requirements and our membership’s priorities. The Program Manager will participate in long term strategic decision-making alongside executive staff and the Board.

Duties include but are not limited to:

Conducting needs assessments with members and colleagues

  • Aggregating, creating, and disseminating resources and educational materials to our constituencies
  • Convening and coordinating members in member-led and GIN-led programming
  • Designing and implementing an online communications strategy that engages and expands our membership and increases GIN’s footprint in the movement
  • Documentation and reporting on programming activities and ensuring compliance with Board and grant-mandated requirements
  • Tracking membership engagement and building long term relationships with members and outside stakeholders that sustain the organizational health and reach of GIN
  • Governing the use resources and budget reporting as a participant in the financial management of the organisation
  • Participate openly and enthusiastically in a collaborate environment that includes supervision and review of the Program Manager’s performance
  • Conduct work in a transparent and accountable format within an international and long distance setting while providing a firm base in our office in Johannesburg, South Africa

Preliminary and flexible multi-year strategies and goals have previously been set by the Board and membership. There is a strong mandate and set of unique, strategic opportunities that our members and the colleagues in the movement are eager for GIN-SSOGIE to address.

How to Apply

Submit the following materials to First round applications are due by July 1, 2016

A curriculum vitae

  1. A curriculum vitae
  2. A cover letter
  3. At least two references, one of whom has been your supervisor and one of whom you have supervised. Please indicate which category they fall into.
  4. One essay (500 to 1,500 words) that explains your passion for religion-aware LGBTQI issues and your relationship to the LGBTI community.
  5. Please indicate whether you are permitted to work in South Africa.

Deadline   1st JJuly