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South African Queer Muslims Meet for 14th Annual International Retreat

When asked which the biggest misconception within the Muslim community about queer people and issues is, Nair responded that it is the belief that the story of Sodom and Gomorrah spoke of homosexuality. “Historical and contextual evidence indicates that the situation with these cities was a case of male rape as opposed to men loving men,” he explained.


Archbishop Desmond Tutu Spearheads ‘LET’S FACE IT: LGBTI Right are Human Rights” Campaign

Not one to shy away from defending LGBTI rights, the projects 1000th face, Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls upon the world to be civil and accepting of gender and sexual minorities. He continues to emphasize his message of peace and tolerance in the video. “It is easier to love than hate,” the renowned Archbishop says as he decries homophobia and violence towards LGBTI persons.