What did I ever do to you?
That you hate my guts you want to boil my blood
Am I really that bad to see?
When you fuck a bitch and betray your wife
And I’m just kissing the love of my life
Why am I not good enough for you?

When I live my life why do you have to have sudden control?
I’m still the same me
But once my sexuality is out you back stab me
Am I really no good?
Am I good to belong in the trash with the verbal by pass?
Do I even belong?
They say we are but we must follow one law

A piece of me is dead by living a life of lies
Saying I love girls when the other team is more cute
I lost all my faith in you creatures
I can’t call you people
Cause people care for each other they don’t slaughter

You choke me like death
You hold my breath
You’re stabbing me with a phobic picture of me
Am I too slutty for you even though I’ve never been with someone?

My leader once said burn all the gays
Are we really that bad that we must be burnt at the stakes?
I thought we are supposed to love
Not hate one another

But I have finally seen different sexual phobias
A world without peace fighting everyday
With chains that are grey
Why can’t you see me?
I’m just not good enough for your world of normal creatures to be.